Securing the Border

Despite being thousands of miles away, ignoring the border crisis is not an option for Central Florida. The Pew Research Center found that in 2016 illegal immigrants made up 5.6% of Florida‘s labor force. Illegal Immigrants also sent $40 Billion out of our economy and back to their home countries in Latin America. Those figures reinforce the view that an unsecured border is not sustainable for our economy, our community and our country. We must act now to secure the border and support the President’s efforts of building the wall. 

Immigration Policy

This has always been a country of laws and a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. No matter who you are or where you come from, the law applies to all of us equally. Illegal immigrants that seek a better life, yet ignore our laws, chip away at the values that attracted them to this country in the first place. We need to close the loopholes used by illegal immigrants to enter the country, while also making it easier to welcome those wishing to come legally. 

Student Loans

Student Loans were created to help America stay ahead during the Space Race. The program meant to keep America ahead is now actually leaving our youth behind with worthless degrees and piles of debt. Loan forgiveness is not the answer, but changes are necessary to ensure the program works in the best interest of those it was meant to benefit. 

The Economy

A lean and healthy government will produce a thriving economy. We need to control spending and eliminate our debt. We should not burden our children and future generations with paying for our current government programs. 

Bill Passage

Bill passage has become so complex that Congress members often vote without first reading the bill they are voting for. Laws should be written so that the average citizen can read and understand them. Requiring politicians to read a bill before they can vote on it will make the process more transparent and could eliminate special interest benefits hidden in our laws.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is in a political crisis partly because it is treated as a territory. Congress should pass a resolution to welcome Puerto Rico into the union once its people have voted to join us. Welcoming Puerto Rico, and other territories, would make our country stronger.